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Hi, I am Jennie Worthington and I would love to offer you the chance to give your companion the experience of Reiki healing.

I am an Animal Reiki Practitioner certified in Levels l and ll, and Animal Reiki. I am also certified in Advanced Theta Healing, Seraphim Blueprint Healing, and have trained in Animal Communication and O.N.E. Reconnective Healing.

What's so great about animal Reiki?

Reiki has its origins in Japan where the word itself means “Universal Life” (Rei) and “Energy” (Ki), and it represents the basic life force that flows through all living things. A Reiki practitioner is specifically attuned to be able to channel that life energy through their own body to another to help the recipient maximize or restore their own health.

Give your animal companion the gift of gently powerful energy transmissions that aid in healing and the maintenance of a healthy life.

Sharing stories about people who are making a big impact on animal welfare.

I am passionate about the well-being of all animals. My passion for animals has led me to create a podcast and video series, “Hello Animal Talks,” where I interview institutions and people who are making a big impact on animal welfare. 

My dream is to work with animal institutions around the globe to support their missions by offering reiki healing to the animals, sharing the story of the institutions, and offering support in any way possible. 

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We offer both individual sessions and packages. Our sessions can be in person or distance.