Wren singing in Spring

Welcome Spring!

It’s time to wakey wakey! Another Spring is upon us, and it is time to ditch the hibernation vibration and put some pep in your step. Nature is blooming here on the East Coast and the birds, the bees, and the trees are in coming-to-life mode. This is one of those seasons where it behoves us to remember that we ourselves are animals, and in the not so distant past, were attuned to the rhythms that direct the natural ebb and flow of life. We need to reconnect with that.

This is a great time to open the windows and let the breezes blow through to clear out that winter stagnation. Get outside, lie in the grass, put feet in a stream, hug a tree, talk to the birds. Whatever we can do to absorb the energy of the natural world around us is going to help pull us into the invigoration of renewal and the excitement of things to come. Watching the birds coming back from their migratory travels and starting to build nests, seeing the flower buds popping up, hearing the peepers chattering in the ponds again; it is such a beautiful example of real life carrying on. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, the sun is higher in the sky, life is starting again. Soon we will have new generations of all things being born, a promise of what is yet to be.

Spring is the astrological New Year, and I am excited to see what it will be bringing us, or more importantly, what we will be creating during it. Let’s wax expansive!

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