Giving Animals A Voice

Bridging the Gap Between Human and Animal Consciousness

Giving Animals A Voice: Virtual Retreat Sessions

Videos Released!

We are excited to announce that we are permanently sharing our video interviews with you from our “Giving Animals A Voice: Bridging the Gap Between Human and Animal Consciousness” Virtual retreat! Enjoy!

With Joy,


Thank you!

It is such a huge privilege for me to host this event and bring these fabulous speakers into your awareness.  I hope you enjoy your time with them as much as I did, and that you come away from this event with lots of new knowledge and fresh thoughts to ponder.  It is a joy to welcome you!

With Joy,


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Jennie is an Animal Reiki Practitioner certified in Levels l and ll, and Animal Reiki. She is also certified in Advanced Theta Healing, Seraphim Blueprint Healing, and has trained in Animal Communication and O.N.E. Reconnective Healing.

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